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Gala concert of the Mikhailovsky Theatre

Gala concert of soloists, chorus and orchestra of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic (one might say, becoming a traditional event) could not do without "punch." And in the past season, a role similar to "bait" for the audience fell to the tenor Neil Shicoff.

"Katya Kabanova" Janacek "came" on the Russian stage.

Finally, "Katya Kabanova" Janacek saw the limelight in the "cultural capital" of Russia - St. Petersburg. The opera, without a doubt, was an outstanding event in the musical life of the city - and a significant milestone in the biography of the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

Mikhailovsky went on, "Storm"

Mikhailovsky Theatre showed first in this season premiere - until now has never been in St. Petersburg opera classic music of the twentieth century, Leos Janacek's "Katya Kabanova" at the plot of the drama "Thunderstorm" by Alexander Ostrovsky. The details of St. Petersburg - Dmitry RENANSKY.

"Дочь" изменилась кардинально

Петербургский Михайловский театр откликнулся на начало года Франции в России постановкой знаменитой оперы Фроманталя Галеви, некогда известной у нас как "Жидовка", потом переименованной в "Дочь кардинала", а теперь вежливо названной "Иудейка".