Nominácia ceny Zlatá maska pre sezónu 2010/11

The Golden Mask experts have shortlisted La Bohème in eight categories of the prestigious theatre prize, including ‘Best Opera Production’. Peter Feranec has been nominated for Best Conductor, and Arnaud Bernard has been shortlisted three times: for ‘Best Opera Director’, ‘Best Musical Theatre Designer’ and ‘Best Lighting Artist’. Olga Tolkmit has been nominated in the ‘Best Female Role in Opera’ category for her performance as Mimi. It is worth mentioning that the young singer was still a student when she first sang the lead in La Bohème — she was awarded her degree at the St. Petersburg Conservatory only a month after the premiere. Another of the production’s cast – Boris Pinkhasovich, who plays the part of Marcello — has been nominated for a Golden Mask in the ‘Best Male Role in Opera’ category. Carla Ricotti, the production’s costume designer, has also been shortlisted for a prize. La Bohème is one of the leading productions in terms of the number of nominations.

Nacho Duato’s name appears three times in the ballet nominations. His Prelude and Duende have been nominated for ‘Best Ballet Production’, and the Mikhailovsky Ballet’s Artistic Director has also been shortlisted for a Golden Mask as ‘Best Ballet Master/Choreographer’ for Prelude.