Živé internetové prenosy z Grand Prix

The Mikhailovsky Theatre Grand Prix on 30 November and 01 December will be broadcast live on the Internet. Ballet lovers all over the world will be able to watch performances by pupils of Russia’s leading choreographic schools and by recognized stars.

Nominácia ceny Zlatá maska pre sezónu 2010/11

The Mikhailovksy Theatre has been nominated for eleven Golden Mask awards for the 2010/11 season, with some of the theatre’s productions in the running for the title of ‘Best Opera’ and ‘Best Ballet’.

"La Boheme" v divadle Mikhailovského

"La Boheme" - recognized worldwide hit. And because it is not surprising that even the third premiere performance of this opera at the St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theater tickets at the box office has not already been two weeks. And the public was not deceived in their expectations: The performance received a very touching on the content and as an aesthetic form.

" La Boheme " v divadle Mikhailovského: vyzerá to, že opera má všetko, okrem riaditeľa

I have long not heard such a clear performance of "La Boheme" - in fact at Puccini's no hint of sentimentality indiscriminately, all the emotions of the composer stitched calibrated instrumental form distinctive timbre characteristics of the character and motives of the system, moving from one part of the opera to another.