Živé internetové prenosy z Grand Prix

The broadcasts will be free to view on the following websites: mikhailovsky.ru/en/live, rt.ru, and paraclassics.com. High quality video and sound will be guaranteed for every user, thanks to the technical expertise of Rostelecom and the ParaClassics website.

Rostelecom and ParaClassics have devised a comprehensive technological package for the Internet broadcasts from the Mikhailovsky Theatre that will provide a signal in Full HD format to all users, both in Russia and the rest of the world. The picture will be adapted to the speed of the Internet connection, while the sound quality will remain at a constantly high level. This technology will therefore give everyone an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the art of dance in real time, regardless of their location, computer capacity or connection speed.

Vladimir Kekhman, General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, said: “Pupils from choreographic schools in six Russian cities will be appearing on our stage, and in all those schools people will be able to watch their dancers perform and support them. All the parents will be able to see their children dancing on the same stage as the ballet stars. I am absolutely delighted that we are able to provide these Internet broadcasts to such an interested, committed audience¨.